The Contemporary Art Museum of Mataró Consortium, presided over by Davi Bote, Mayor of Mataró, and directed by Núria Poch, was set up in June 2010 under the presidency of the then Mayor of Mataró, Joan Antoni Baron i Espinar, in order to contribute to the conservation of our collective heritage and to divulge the knowledge that this heritage holds about artists, tendencies, a particular area and certain specific periods. This is an initiative based in Mataró to support the art and culture of Catalonia, using the Bassat Collection to help fill the vacant space for these artists in Catalonia’s museums. The aim is to explain the succession of events and circumstances underlying the production of contemporary art and, through the activities organised, to locate the Bassat Collection and the Nau Gaudí (Gaudí Shed) on the Maresme’s and Barcelona’s art circuits. The Nau Gaudí is its headquarters, combining art and architecture in a singular space for showing a singular collection that enables us to defend the quality of the Catalan art of the second half of the twentieth century.

The creation of the Contemporary Art Museum of Mataró Consortium is a good example of the collaboration between the public and private sectors, bringing the initiative and interests of both into line for the common good, converting the private into public and thus giving everyone access to a number of front-ranking artists, who till now have not had the position that rightly belongs to them in our museums.

The efforts of both the Mataró City Council and the Carmen and Lluís Bassat Private Foundation to make this art collection public will help explain the trajectory of Catalan art from the post-war period to our days.